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Saturday, November 17, 2018 Your Fast Track To Race Results!  
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Hickory Motor Speedway
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Tri City Speedway
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Ocean Speedway
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Arizona Speedway
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Crowley's Ridge Raceway
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Central Arizona Speedway
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Toccoa Raceway, LLC
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Five Flags Speedway
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Brewerton Speedway
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Auto Draft
Three championships in...
Tyler Erb Triumps at...
Auto Draft
Ryan Robbins wins Super...
Mother Nature black flags...
Hibner, Ross, Pugh and...
Wilmot Septemeber 1 Rain...
Alternative Wire & Cable...
Bethany Speedway...
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Speednet Tracks & Series
141 Speedway
34 Raceway
35 Raceway Park (2012)
411 Motor Speedway
441 Speedway (2013)
56 Speedway
81 Speedway
ABC Raceway
Accord Speedway Inc
Ace Speedway (2012)
Adams County Speedway
Alexandria Viking Speedway
Algona Raceway (2014)
ALH Motor Speedway
All Tech Raceway
American Dirt Late Model Series
AMP (2013)
Amped Up Racing Series
AMSOIL Speedway
Anderson Motor Speedway
Angels Motorsports Park (2012)
Antioch Speedway
Arizona Speedway
Arlington Raceway
ASA Championship (2013)
ASA Pro Trucks
Atchison County Raceway
Atchison County Raceway (2012)
Atlanta Motor Speedway
Atoka Raceway Park
Augusta Motor Speedway (2013)
Auto City Speedway
Auto Motors
Autumn Colours Classic-Peterborough Speedway
Autumn Colours Classic-Peterborough Speedway
AZ Southwest Championship
Aztec Speedway
Badger Midget Auto Racing Assoc.
Badger Mod Tour (2013)
Baer Field Dirt Track Go-karts (2013)
Baer Field Pavement Go-karts (2013)
Baer Field Speedway
Bakersfield Raceway Park
Bakersfield Raceway Park ** Go-Karts
Barrie Speedway
Baton Rouge Raceway
Bay Cities Racing Association, Inc
Beatrice Speedway
Beaver Dam Raceway
Bemidji Speedway
Benton County Speedway
Benton County Speedway
Bethel Motor Speedway
Black Hills Speedway
Black Hills Speedway (2014)
Bloomfield Speedway
Bloomington Speedway
BMP Speedway
Boone County Raceway
Boothill Speedway
Boothill Speedway (2013)
Boyd Raceway
Boyd's Speedway
Brewerton Speedway
Brighton Speedway
Brown County Speedway
Brownstown Speedway
Brownstown Speedway (2012)
Brownstown Speedway (2013)
Brushcreek Motorsports
Brushcreek Motorsports Complex
Brushcreek Motorsports Complex (2014)
Bubba Raceway Park
Buena Vista Raceway
Buffalo River Race Park
Burris Thunder Tour (2013)
Button Buck Speedway
Callaway Raceway
Camden Speedway
Cameron Lake Ice Racing
Cameron Lake Ice Racing (2012)
Cameron Lake Ice Racing (2014)
Caney Valley Speedway
Canton Speedway (2012)
Canyon Speedway Park
Canyon Speedway Park
Cardinal Speedway
Carlton County Fair Racing
Carolina Speedway (NC)
Carolina Speedway (SC)
Caroline Valley Ice Racing
Casino Speedway
Casper Speedway
Castrol Raceway
Cedar County Raceway (2012)
Cedar Lake Speedway
Cedar Ridge Speedway
Central Arizona Raceway (2013)
Central Arizona Speedway
Central Arizona Speedway (2014)
Central Missouri Speedway
Central Wisconsin Raceway
Cerro Gordo Speedway
Chateau Raceway
Cherokee Speedway
Cherry Raceway
City Limits Kart Raceway
Civil War Series
CJ Speedway
CJ Speedway (2012)
CJ Speedway (2013)
Claremont Speedway
Clarksville Speedway
Classic Racing Series
Clay County Fair Speedway
Cleveland Speedway
Cochran Motor Speedway
Cocopah Speedway
Coles County Speedway
Coles County Speedway (2014)
Colorado National Speedway
Columbus Speedway (2012)
Columbus Speedway (The Bullring)
COMP Cams Super Dirt Series
Corn Belt Clash
Cotton Bowl Speedway
Cowtown Speedway (2011)
Cowtown Speedway (2012)
Crawford County Speedway
Cresco Speedway (2013)
Crowley's Ridge Raceway
Crystal Motor Speedway
Dacotah Speedway
Dakota State Fair Speedway
Dawson County Raceway
Deep South Speedway
Deep South Speedway (2013)
Deer Creek Speedway
Deerfield Raceway
Dells Raceway Park (2013)
Delta Speedway
Desoto Super Speedway (2012)
Devil's Bowl Speedway (TX)
Devils Lake Speedway
Diamond Mountain Speedway
Dixie Motor Speedway
Dodge County Fairgrounds Speedway
Dodge County Speedway
Double Checkers Race Management
Double Checkers Race Management
Driver Raceway
Dubuque Fairgrounds Speedway
Dubuque Fairgrounds Speedway
Dubuque Speedway (2014)
Duck River Raceway Park
Duck River Raceway Park (2014)
Eagle Raceway
Eagle River Speedway
Eagle Valley Speedway
East Lincoln Speedway
El Paso Speedway
El Paso Speedway Park (2014)
Eldora Speedway
Electric City Speedway
Elk City Speedway
Elk City Speedway, LLC
Elko Speedway
Emo Speedway
Ephrata Raceway Park
Estevan Motor Speedway
Fairgrounds Speedway
Fairgrounds Speedway
Fairmont Raceway
Farley Speedway
Farley Speedway (2014)
Farley Speedway (2015)
Farmer City Raceway
Fastrak Racing Series
Fayette County Speedway
Fayette County Speedway (2013)
Fayetteville Motor Speedway
Fayetteville Motor Speedway
Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55
Fernley 95A Speedway
Fiesta City Speedway
Fire on Ice
Five Flags Speedway
Flat Rock Speedway (2013)
Flint Creek Speedway
Flomaton Speedway
Fonda Speedway
Forks Karting Association
Fort Payne Motor Speedway (2013)
Frontier Speedway
Frozen Ocean Kartway (2012)
Full Throttle Motor Speedway
Fulton Speedway
Gallatin Speedway
Gator Motorplex
Geographical Center Speedway
George County Motorsports Park (2013)
Gillette Thunder Speedway
Glen Ridge Motorsports Park
Golden Isles Speedway
Golden Isles Speedway
Golden Sands Speedway
Golden Triangle Raceway Park
Golden Triangle Raceway Park (2012)
GPS Test Track
Grand Rapids Speedway
Granite City Speedway
Granite State Pro Stock Series
Grayson County Speedway
Grayson County Speedway (2012)
Great Northern Sportsman Series (2013)
Green Valley Speedway (2013)
Greenbush Race Park
Greenville Pickens Speedway
Greenville Speedway
GSR Kartway
GSR Kartway (2013)
Hagerstown Speedway
Hagerstown Speedway
Hamilton County Speedway
Hancock County Speedway
Harris Speedway
Hartford Speedway
Hattiesburg Motorsports Park
Hawkeye Dirt Tour
Heart O' Texas Speedway
Heartland Park Topeka Dirt Track
Hendry County Motorsports Park
Hibbing Raceway
Hickory Motor Speedway
Highland Rim Speedway
Highland Speedway
Huntsville Speedway (2013)
Huset's Speedway
I-35 Speedway (IA)
I-35 Speedway (MO)
I-75 Raceway
I-76 Speedway (2013)
I-76 Speedway (2014)
I-76 Speedway/BST
I-77 Raceway Park
I-80 Speedway
I-90 Speedway
I-96 Speedway
I49 Nevada Speedway
I94 Speedway
IMCA Racing
Indiana Mod Lites
Indianapolis Speedrome
Iowa State Fair Speedway
Iowa State Fair Speedway (2013)
Jackson Motor Speedway
Jackson Speedway (MN)
Jacksonville Speedway
Jamestown Speedway
Jennerstown Speedway
JJAM Racing
Jones Motor Speedway (2012)
Junction Motor Speedway
K.R.A. Speedway
Kalaeloa Raceway Park (2013)
KAM Kartway
Kankakee Speedway Promotions Inc
Kennedale Speedway Park
Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway
Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway (2014)
Kern County Raceway
Kern County Raceway Park
Kids Championship Power Racer Organization
Kil-Kare Speedway
King of the Coliseum
King of the West Sprints
Kings Speedway
Kokomo Speedway
Kossuth County Speedway
L A Raceway
LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Lady Luck Speedway (2012)
Laird International Raceway
Lake County Speedway
Lake County Speedway (2016)
Lake Superior Ice Racing Association
Lakeport Speedway
Lakeport Speedway
Lakeport Speedway (2013)
Lakeside Speedway
Lancaster Speedway
Lawrenceburg Speedway
Lebanon I-44 Speedway
Lebanon Valley Kart Track
Lee County Speedway
Leesville 171 Speedway
Leesville 171 Speedway (2012)
Legendary Hilltop Speedway
Legit Speedway Park
Lemoore Raceway
Lexington 104 Speedway
Lincoln Park Speedway
Lincoln Speedway
Little Sunset Speedway
Lizard Creek Speedway
Lonesome Pine Raceway (2013)
Lonestar 600's
Lonestar Speedway
Longdale Speedway
Lorain County Speedway (2012)
Louisiana Bayou Sprinters
Louisiana Bayou Sprinters (2012)
Lubbock Speedway
Lubbock Speedway
Lucas Oil Speedway
Luxemburg Speedway
Luxemburg Speedway (2014)
M40 Speedway
M40 Speedway (2013)
Macon Speedway
Madison International Speedway
Madison International Speedway
Madison Speedway
Madras Speedway
Magic Valley Speedway
Magnolia Motor Speedway
Mark's RC Copter Track
Marshalltown Speedway
Marshfield Motor Speedway
Merced and Chowchilla Speedways
Merced Speedway (2014)
Mercer Raceway Park
Meridian Speedway
Meridian Speedway (2014)
Merritt Speedway
Merrittville Speedway
Michigan Dirt Cup Tour
Michigan Race Management
Midwest RC Raceway
Miller Central Speedway
Miller Speedway (2014)
Mineral City Speedway (2013)
Mini E Raceway
Mississippi Thunder Speedway
Missouri State Fair Speedway (2012)
Mobile International Raceway
Modoc Raceway
Modoc Raceway
Mohave Valley Raceway
Moler Raceway Park
Monadnock Speedway
Montezuma County Fairgrounds Speedway
Montezuma County Fairgrounds Speedway
Montgomery Motor Speedway (2012)
Montgomery MotorSports Park
Montpelier Motor Speedway
Motordrome Speedway (2012)
Motordrome Speedway (2013)
Moulton Motor Speedway
Moulton Speedway (2103)
Mount Pleasant Speedway
MSCCS (2012)
Murray County Speedway
Myrtle Beach Speedway (2012)
NAPA Speedway (2013)
National Late Model Series (2013)
NEA Speedway
Nebraka 360 Sprints
Nebraska 360 360 Sprints
Nebraska 360 Sprints
Nebraska 360 Sprints
Nebraska 360 Sprints
Nebraska 360 Sprints
Nebraska 360 Sprints
Nebraska Lawn Mower Racing Association
Nelson Speedway
New London Waterford Speedbowl
New Paris Speedway
New Smyrna Speedway
New Smyrna Speedway
Newport Motor Speedway (2013)
Nobles County Speedway
Nobles County Speedway (2012)
Nobles County Speedway (2015)
Nodak Speedway
Norman County Raceway
North Central Speedway
North East Mini Stock Tour
Northwest Florida Speedway
Norway Speedway (2013)
NSB Kart Club
Oakshade Raceway
Ocean Speedway
Ocean Speedway Chowchilla (2012)
Ogilvie Raceway
Oglethorpe Speedway Park
Oglethorpe Speedway Park (2013)
Ohsweken Speedway
Oklahoma Sports Park
Onaway Speedway
Orange Show Speedway
Orange Show Speedway
Orlando Speedworld (2013)
Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway
Ozark Karting Complex (2012)
Paducah International Raceway
Paradise Speedway
Paragon Speedway
PCRA (2012)
Peoria Speedway
Performance Motorsports
Petaluma Speedway
Peterborough Speedway
Piedmont Kartway and Recreation Complex
Placerville Speedway
Plaza Raceway (2013)
Plumerville Super Speedway
Plymouth Speedway
Ponderosa Speedway
Poplar Grove Speedway
Port Royal Speedway (2012)
Portsmouth Raceway Park
Prescott Valley Speedway
Princeton Speedway (MN)
Princeton Speedway (WV)
PRO Dirt Car Series (2013)
Proctor Speedway
Professional MotorSports Services (PMSS)
Pure Stock Racing Association
Putnam County Speedway
Quincy Raceways
Raceway Park (MN) (2013) (2014)
Racing Pink
Racing Promotions LLC
Racing Scoring Specialists
Randolph County Raceway
Rattlesnake Raceway Karts
Red Cedar Speedway
Red River Coop Speedway
Red River Speedway
Red River Valley Speedway
Red River Valley Speedway (2012)
Redwood Speedway
Redwood Speedway
Revolution Park (2012)
Revolution Park Racing And Entertainment
Rice Lake Speedway
Ringle Brickyard Speedway (2012)
Rio Grande Speedway (2012)
River Cities Speedway
Riverside International Speedway
Riverside Speedway (2013)
Roadrunner Speedway
Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex
Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex (2013)
Rocky Mountain Raceways
Route 66 Motor Speedway
RPM Speedway (KS)
RPM Speedway of Texas (2013)
RSS (2013)
Sabine Motor Speedway
Salina Highbanks Speedway (2012)
Salina Speedway
Sandusky Speedway
Santa Maria Speedway
Santa Maria Speedway (2013)
Sayre Speedway
Scotland County Speedway
Screven Motor Speedway
Seekonk Speedway
Seymour Raceway Park
Shady Oaks Speedway
Sharon Speedway
Shasta Speedway (2012)
Shaw Motor Speedway
Shawano Speedway
Shelby County Speedway
Sheridan Speedway
Sheyenne River Speedway
Shippensburg Speedway
Short Track Super Series
Showtime Speedway
Showtime Speedway (2012)
Showtime Speedway (2013)
Sidewinder Sprints
Silver Bullet Speedway
Silver Bullet Speedway (2013)
Skyline Speedway
Slinger Super Speedway
SLMR Dirt Racing Series
Smokey Mountain Speedway (2012)
Smoky Mountain Kart Track (2012)
Smoky Mountain Speedway
Snydersville Raceway
Snydersville Raceway
Soggy Bottom MX Park
South Bend Motor Speedway
South Bend Motor Speedway
South Texas Speedway
South Texas Speedway (2013)
Southern Dirt Karting Series
Southern Dirt Karting Series (2013)
Southern Illinois Raceway
Southern Iowa Speedway
Southern National Motorsports Park
Southern New Mexico Speedway
Southern Oregon Speedway (2012)
Southern Outlaw Dirt Series (2014)
Southern Pride Kartway
Southern Raceway
Southern Raceway (2013)
Southern Topless Economy Modified (2013)
Southwest Speedway
Southwest Sprint Cars
Speedarama Raceway (2012)
Speedway 660
Springfield Raceway
Sprint Series of Nebraska
Spud Speedway
St. Croix Speedway
St. Tammany Raceway (2013)
Starlite Speedway (2013)
State Park Speedway
Stateline Speedway (zz)
Stuart Raceway (NE)
Stuart Speedway (IA)
Sugar Creek Raceway (2012)
Sugartit Speedway
Sumter Speedway (2013)
Sunny South Raceway
Sunset Speedway (2013)
SUPR Late Model
Swainsboro Kart Track
Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex
Sweetwater Speedway
Sweetwater Speedway (2013)
Tazewell Speedway (2012)
Tennessee National Raceway
Terre Haute Action Track (2012)
Texas Motor Speedway
Texas Thunder Speedway
Texoma Motor Speedway
The John Dains Test Facility
Thunder Hill Speedway (KS)
Thunder Hill Speedway (WI)
Thunder Mountain Raceway (CO)
Thunder Mountain Speedway (ND)
Thunder Mountain Speedway (ND) (2013)
Thunder Mountain Speedway (PA) (2012)
Thunder Mountain Speedway (WV) (2013)
Thunderbowl Raceway
Thunderhill Raceway (WI)
Tilleda Thunder On Ice
Timberline Speedway
TNT Speedway
Toccoa Raceway
Toccoa Raceway (2015)
Toccoa Raceway, LLC
Toledo Speedway (2012)
Tomahawk Speedway (WI) (2013)
Trail-way Speedway
Tri City Speedway
Tri-City Motor Speedway
Tri-County Speedway
Tri-State Racesaver Series (2012)
Tri-State Speedway
Twin Cities Raceway Park (2012)
Ukiah Speedway (2013)
Upper Iowa Speedway
Upper Midwest Sprintcar Series
Upper Peninsula International Raceway
Uranium Capitol Speedway
US 36 Raceway Circle Track
USAC Eastern
Valentine Speedway
Valentine Speedway
Valley Speedway
Varney Motor Speedway (2013)
Vermilion County Speedway
Virginia Motor Speedway
Volunteer Speedway
Wagner Speedway
Wakeeney Speedway
WAR Wingless Auto Racing
Warren Arkansas Speedway
Wenatchee Valley's Super Oval
West Liberty Raceway (2014)
West Liberty Raceway (2015)
West Liberty Speedway
Western Kentucky Speedway
Western Kentucky Speedway (2013)
Whitewater Valley Motor Speedway
Whittemore Speedway
Whynot Motorsports Park
Wild West Modified Tour
Williston Basin Speedway
Winchester Speedway (TN)
Winchester Speedway (VA)
Windy Hollow Speedway
Winston Speedway
Wissota 100
Wissota Challenge Series
Wyant Group Raceway
Wythe Raceway
Xcel Chassis (2014)
Young Guns Shootout