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Friday July 31, 2015
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Southern New Mexico Speedway
Las Cruces, NM
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Result For July 25, 2015 
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161   Will Gonzalez    El Paso, Tx100.00
28167   Cory Taylor    Anthony , Nm95.00
394   Jett Carney    El Paso, Tx91.00
41211T   Theron Flack    El Paso, Tx87.00
5422E   Emily Haley    El Paso, Tx84.00
673   Ken Ruble    Chaparral , Nm81.00
7549   Tristin Gattis    El Paso, Tx78.00
8120   Ricky Holden    Las Cruces, Nm76.00
9327   Shane Mcnutt    Las Cruces, Nm74.00
101110   Bailey Holden    Las Cruces, Nm72.00
1125   Fabian Gomez    Las Cruces, Nm70.00DNF
12103S   Sal Gomez    Las Cruces, Nm33.00DNS
131335   Joseph Gonzales    Berino , Nm45.00DNS
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1918   Lorne Wofford    Alamogordo , Nm150.00
2848   Shawn Sander    El Paso, Tx142.00
31019   Wes Wofford    Alamogordo , Nm135.00
4727   Cesar Fuentes     -130.00
5399.5   Derek Demartino    Las Cruces, Nm125.00
612131   Royal Jones    Las Cruces, Nm122.00
744   Dylan Harris    El Paso, Tx119.00
81140X   Jesse Baker    Grants , Nm116.00
91365   Richard Wilbee    Las Cruces, Nm113.00
1013D   Don Reynolds    Alamogordo , Nm110.00
11521TX   Brandon Schure    El Paso, Tx108.00
12165   Joseph Hernandez    Las Cruces, Nm106.00
131517   Jon Mcdaniel    Alamogordo , Nm104.00
14254   Art Quijano    El Paso, Tx102.00
151449   Chuck Jackson    Albuquerque , Nm100.00
16677   Cj Hulsey    El Paso, Tx98.00
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1149   Jimmy Ray    Las Cruces, Nm100.00
21252TX   Paddy Rush     -95.00
3793   Gregory Gorham    Las Cruces, Nm91.00
433   Dickie Gorham    Las Cruces, Nm87.00
51133   Justin Allen    Las Cruces, Nm84.00
61007   Donavon Flores    Las Cruces, Nm81.00
78J17   Nicky Rivera    Las Cruces, Nm78.00
8600   Stevie Gutierrez    Las Cruces, Nm76.00
997C   John Carney    El Paso, Tx74.00
1013X15   Rick Hall     , Nm72.00
11582   Sherman Barnett    El Paso, Tx70.00
12174   Melissa Gorham    Las Cruces, Nm68.00
131544D   Troy Phillips    Hanover , Nm66.00
1416R41   Colton Sims    Las Cruces, Nm64.00
151838   Hector Prigione     -62.00
162UNO   Brian Kleine    Las Cruces, Nm60.00DNF
1711X   Todd Budlong    Albuquerque , Nm58.00DNF
18444   Christy Georges-barnett    El Paso, Tx56.00DNF
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193H   Noah Hollingshead    Las Cruces, Nm100.00
2374J   Jason Josselyn    Alamogordo , Nm95.00
3210   Bryan Bennett     , Nm91.00
4844JT   Jaime Torres    Las Cruces, Nm87.00
55L750   Todd Froats    Las Cruces, Nm84.00
6744X   George La Rose   Las Cruces, Nm81.00
763D   Rudy Munoz    Las Cruces, Nm78.00
8497   Wyatt Loveland    Alamagordo , Nm76.00
9102D   Lorenzo Barela    Dona Ana, Nm74.00
10119   Tyler Beiter    El Paso, Tx72.00
1113   Dennis Anderson    Alamogordo , Nm70.00
121242   Brent Dreyer    Deming , Nm35.00DNS
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1428T   Rudy Tarin Jr   Las Cruces, Nm100.00
2328   Brenda Carr     -95.00
3274   Ben Ives    Las Cruces, Nm91.00
4124S   Saul Delgado    Las Cruces, Nm87.00
5562   David Barraza    Las Cruces, Nm84.00
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