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Monday July 06, 2015
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Southern New Mexico Speedway
Las Cruces, NM
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Result For July 04, 2015 
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USRA Modifieds - FEATURE
12J17   Jacob Gallardo    Las Cruces, Nm100.00
2107   Donavon Flores    Las Cruces, Nm95.00
311M16   Rick Gallardo    Las Cruces, Nm91.00
48J16   Joshua Gallardo    Las Cruces, Nm87.00
5123T   Todd Harper    Las Cruces, Nm84.00
610G17   Fito Gallardo    Las Cruces, Nm81.00
71822   John Calvert Jr   Rio Rancho, Nm78.00
82044   Christy Georges-barnett    El Paso, Tx76.00
91519   Donavon Ooley    El Paso, Tx74.00
10428   Tom Georges    El Paso, Tx72.00
111432   Max Sadler    Springerville , Az70.00
121665X   Carlos Ahumada Jr   Las Cruces, Nm68.00
13216   Joe Lackey    Las Cruces, N66.00
141939H   Nick Herrera    Ruidoso , Nm64.00
1579   Jimmy Ray    Las Cruces, Nm62.00
16549   Duane Murphy    El Paso, Tx60.00
17612   Johnny Scott    Las Cruces, Nm58.00DNF
1817131   Royal Jones    Las Cruces, Nm56.00DNF
191399   Terry Tipton    Duncan , Az55.00DNF
2022NJ17   Nicky Rivera    Las Cruces, Nm54.00DNF
21982   Sherman Barnett    El Paso, Tx53.00DNF
2230   Chris Sims    Las Cruces, Nm52.00DNF
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1514XXL   Mike Mabbitt    Queen Crek, Az0.00
21174J   Jason Josselyn    Alamogordo , Nm0.00
3323   Bryan Bennett     , Nm0.00
4929   Ted Cain    El Paso, Tx0.00
5429M   Greg Mccoy    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
67MR13   Rudy Tarin    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
71737   Robert Trujillo    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
8104T   Timberly Swaim    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
91308   Mike Media     , Tx0.00
10274M   Rick Boelter    Alburquerque , Nm0.00DNF
111UNO   Brian Kleine    Las Cruces, Nm0.00DNF
12203   Dennis Anderson    Alamogordo , Nm0.00DNF
13123D   Rudy Munoz    Las Cruces, Nm0.00DNF
141540A   Tamra Pierce    Las Cruces, M0.00DNF
15697   Wyatt Loveland    Alamagordo , Nm0.00DNF
16848T   Paul Telles, Jr.   Las Cruces, Nm45.00DNS
171421K   Don Kleine     -0.00DNS
181681   Tommy Brumley    Las Cruces, Nm0.00DNS
191805   Larry Flores    Las Cruces, Nm0.00DNS
201953   Richard Stearns    El Paso, Tx0.00DNS
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11254   Gunner Harris    El Paso, Tx100.00
29237   Steven Arellano    Las Cruces, Nm95.00
38902   Mike Zuloaga    El Paso, Tx91.00
4758L   David Lackey    Las Cruces, Nm87.00
51AK47   Jese Esquivel    El Paso, Tx84.00
6514G   Cooper Guffey    Las Cruces, Nm81.00
7285   Jr Esquivel    Chaparral , Nm78.00
81037A   Alex Esquivel    El , Tx76.00
9455L   Charles Lackey    Las Cruces, Nm74.00
10666   Wilbur Wells    El Paso, Tx72.00
111184   Ed Hansen    Las Cruces, Nm70.00
121372T   Michael Shallenberger    El Paso, Tx68.00
131420   Michelle Shallenberger    El Paso, Tx66.00
14341Z   Chris Smith    El Paso, Tx64.00DNF
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Super Trucks - FEATURE
11021   Walton Kyle Jr    -100.00
216UNO   Brian Kleine    Las Cruces, Nm95.00
37501   Jaime Bejarano    El Paso, Tx91.00
4481   Kendra Efird    Alamogordo , Nm87.00
51582   Sherman Barnett    El Paso, Tx84.00
6610   Mike Garcia    Las Cruces, Nm81.00
756   Walton Kyle Sr   Las Cruces, Nm78.00
892A   Kenny Alons    Las Cruces, Nm76.00
91198   Rusty Bowen    Las Cruces, Nm74.00
101216   Dennis Mcmaster    Tularosa , Nm72.00
1114066   Thomas Sampson    Alamogordo , Nm70.00
12215   Odie Black    Alamogordo , Nm68.00
131368.5   Jason Pearson    Las Cruces, Nm66.00
14351   Anji Thornton    Las Cruces, Nm64.00
15122   Chris Dermine    Las Cruces, Nm62.00DNF
16833   Lloyd Duffey    Las Cruces, Nm60.00DNF
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