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Southern New Mexico Speedway
Las Cruces, NM
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Result For April 05, 2014 
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USRA Modifieds - FEATURE
12J17   Jacob Gallardo    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
249   Jimmy Ray    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
35187   Anton Salopek    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
41710S   Rick Spencer    Tucson` , Az0.00
5749   Duane Murphy     -0.00
6628   Tom Georges    El Paso, Tx0.00
71832   Max Sadler    Springerville , Az0.00
81944   Christy Georges    El Paso, Tx0.00
91193   Gregory Gorham    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
10399   Terry Tipton    Duncan , Az0.00
112110   Roger Owens    El Paso, Tx0.00
122407   Donavon Flores    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
131388   Matt Crafton    Tulare , Ca0.00
1414UNO   Brian Kleine    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
151565X   Carlos Ahumada Jr   Las Cruces, Nm0.00
16100   Chris Sims    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
17224   Melissa Gorham    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
1820G17   Fito Gallardo    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
1923X15   Rick Hall     , Nm0.00
2016131   Royal Jones    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
211212   Johnny Scott    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
22123J   Greg Jelvik    Tucson , Az0.00
2385M   Eric Mcnutt     , Nm0.00
24922   John Calvert Jr   Rio Rancho, Nm0.00
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1622   Justin Lasiter    Alamogordo , Nm0.00
213H   Noah Hollingshead    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
3317   Jon Mcdaniel    Alamogordo , Nm0.00
45151   Brandon Cruse    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
5211   Miles Widmer    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
61002   Boomhower Skillin    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
7800ET   Ed Englel    El Paso, Tx0.00
8725   George La Rose   Las Cruces, Nm0.00
94510   Christian Showers    Santa Teresa, Nm0.00
101113H   Eric Honeyfield     -0.00
119MR13   Rudy Tarin    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
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1412A   Garrett Alberson    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
225   Christy Georges    El Paso, Tx0.00
3524   Rick Ortega    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
435M   Eric Mcnutt     , Nm0.00
5672   Jeff Whyman    Los Lunas, Nm0.00
61212   Matt Crafton    Tulare , Ca0.00
7922   Jonathon Ortega    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
81043   Dave Deetz    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
9782   Sherman Barnett    El Paso, Tx0.00
101122N   Nita Deetz    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
1117   Scott Logston    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
12857   Billy Roy Harris    Deming , Nm0.00
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1213X   Benny Pena     -0.00
2174   Ben Ives    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
33812   Danny Carabajal    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
454   Devan Smith     -0.00
5428T   Rudy Tarin    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
6712   Larry Maag    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
7109   Dalton Carabajal    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
8818   Homer Miller    Edgerton , Wi0.00
99A08   Alec Aranda    Las Cruces, Nm0.00
106L750   Todd Froats     , Nm0.00
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