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Southern New Mexico Speedway
Las Cruces, NM
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Result For July 26, 2014 
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1217J   Jacob Johnson    Albuquerque , Nm100.00
244   Jett Carney     -95.00
3627   Jeremy Stamper     -91.00
417   Jerrad Warhurst    El Paso, Tx87.00
5948T   Paul Telles, Jr.   Las Cruces, Nm84.00
6811T   Theron Flack    El Paso, Tx81.00
7132M   Joe Mcnutt    Las Cruces, Nm78.00
854S   Spencer Hill    Albuquerque , Nm76.00
91411   Lonnie Harrison    Las Cruces, Nm74.00
101524   Shane Mcnutt    Las Cruces, Nm72.00
111129   Don Kruse    Albuquerque , Nm70.00
123167   Cory Taylor    Anthony , Nm68.00
13740   Tweet Collins    Las Cruces, Nm66.00
141212   Leon Harrison    Las Cruces, Nm64.00
151622   Emily Haley    El Paso, Tx62.00
16103S   Sal Gomez    Las Cruces, Nm60.00DNS
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11218   Fito Gallardo    Las Cruces, Nm100.00
2117C   John Carney    El Paso, Tx95.00
3852TX   Paddy Rush     -91.00
4575   Steven Villegas    Las Cruces, Nm87.00
5420A   Alex Gonzalez    El Paso, Tx84.00
6933   Justin Allen    Las Cruces, Nm81.00
7143   Dickie Gorham    Las Cruces, Nm78.00
8125   Michael Gonzalez    El Paso, Tx76.00
9152D   Tudy Barela    Las Cruces, Nm74.00
10707   Donavon Flores    Las Cruces, Nm72.00
111615   Rylyn Phillips    Silver City, Nm70.00
121313   Zach Mccoy    Las Cruces, Nm68.00
131082   Sherman Barnett    El Paso, Tx66.00
1419187   Jason Mcwillie    Las Cruces, Nm64.00
151788   Cory Brownwood    T Or, Nm62.00
16300   Stevie Gutierrez    Las Cruces, Nm60.00
176X15   Rick Hall     , Nm58.00
18265X   Carlos Ahumada Jr   Las Cruces, Nm56.00
1918R41   Colton Sims    Las Cruces, Nm45.00DNS
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1907   Donavon Flores    Las Cruces, Nm100.00
21422   Justin Lasiter    Alamogordo , Nm95.00
3103H   Noah Hollingshead    Las Cruces, Nm91.00
411151   Brandon Cruse    Las Cruces, Nm87.00
5821Z   Jason Ziehl    Las Cruces, Nm84.00
6170   Lloyd Turner    Las Cruces, Nm81.00
71500   Jeffrey Maag    T Or, Nm78.00
8744X   George La Rose   Las Cruces, Nm76.00
963D   Rudy Munoz    Las Cruces, Nm74.00
101322S   Jack Skillin    Las Cruces, Nm72.00
11444JT   Jaime Torres    Las Cruces, Nm70.00
12321   Mariah Turnbow    Deming , Nm68.00
1354T   Timberly Swaim    Las Cruces, Nm66.00
14200ET   Ed Engel    El Paso, Tx64.00
1516MR13   Rudy Tarin    Las Cruces, Nm62.00
161237   Robert Trujillo    Las Cruces, Nm60.00
17102   Rick Skillin    Las Cruces, Nm58.00
1818185   Stephen Torres    Las Cruces, Nm45.00DNS
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11037   Joshua Jackson     , Nm100.00
2901   Dusty Riggs    Hatch , Nm95.00
37237   Steven Arellano    Las Cruces, Nm91.00
487   Luis Esquivel    El Paso, Tx87.00
5117G   Gene Mcgarey    El Paso, Tx84.00
66902   Mike Zuloaga    El Paso, Tx81.00
7266   Wilbur Wells    El Paso, Tx78.00
8524   Mike Money    Duncan , Az76.00
91227   Juan Esquvel    El Paso, Tx74.00
10137A   Alex Esquivel    El , Tx72.00
11438   Charles Lackey    Las Cruces, Nm70.00
121314   Tristin Gattis    El Paso, Tx68.00
131414G   Cooper Guffey    Las Cruces, Nm66.00
141584   Ed Hansen    Las Cruces, Nm64.00
15358L   David Lackey    Las Cruces, Nm62.00
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Super Trucks - FEATURE
1721   Walton Kyle Jr    -100.00
22UNO   Brian Kleine    Las Cruces, Nm95.00
3623   Matt Higby    Las Cruces, Nm91.00
4382   Sherman Barnett    El Paso, Tx87.00
546   Walton Kyle Sr   Las Cruces, Nm84.00
652A   Kenny Alons    Las Cruces, Nm81.00
7111K   Christopher Kleine    Las Cruces, Nm78.00
8821K   Don Kleine     -76.00
91044   Shawn Bryan    El Paso, Tx74.00
10951   Anji Thornton    Las Cruces, Nm72.00
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