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Southern New Mexico Speedway
Las Cruces, NM
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Result For July 19, 2014 
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1144X   George La Rose   Las Cruces, Nm100.00
2388   Mike Mays    T Or, Nm95.00
3621   Gary Mays    Las Cruces, Nm91.00
422EZ   Jayson Gransbury    T Or, Nm87.00
57XX   John Delph    Silver City, Nm84.00
6430   Manny Rosales    Las Cruces, Nm81.00
75Y3   Marshia Brown     -78.00
88777   Peter Vargas    Las Cruces, Nm76.00
9922A   Orlando Ortiz    Las Cruces, Nm74.00
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184   Jett Carney     -100.00
2527   Jeremy Stamper     -95.00
367   Jerrad Warhurst    El Paso, Tx91.00
41148T   Paul Telles, Jr.   Las Cruces, Nm87.00
5240   Tweet Collins    Las Cruces, Nm84.00
632M   Joe Mcnutt    Las Cruces, Nm81.00
79510   Christian Showers    Santa Teresa, Nm78.00
8424   Shane Mcnutt    Las Cruces, Nm76.00
9112   Leon Harrison    Las Cruces, Nm74.00
101011   Lonnie Harrison    Las Cruces, Nm72.00
1173S   Sal Gomez    Las Cruces, Nm70.00DNF
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USRA Modifieds - FEATURE
13G17   Fito Gallardo    Las Cruces, Nm100.00
21J17   Jacob Gallardo    Las Cruces, Nm95.00
35131   Royal Jones    Las Cruces, Nm91.00
4229   Jimmy Ray    Las Cruces, Nm87.00
56J7   Jake Boles    Alamogordo , Nm84.00
6799   Terry Tipton    Duncan , Az81.00
78555   Echad Falco    El Paso, Tx78.00
8228   Tom Georges    El Paso, Tx76.00
9449   Duane Murphy     -74.00
10157J   Jay Rosales    Las Cruces, Nm72.00
11133T   Todd Harper    Las Cruces, Nm70.00
122365X   Carlos Ahumada Jr   Las Cruces, Nm68.00
13987   Lee Heiligenthal    Las Cruces, Nm66.00
1421J16   Joshua Gallardo     , Nm64.00
151732   Max Sadler    Springerville , Az62.00
162054   Carlos Ahumada Sr   El Paso, Tx60.00
171907   Donavon Flores    Las Cruces, Nm58.00
18140   Chris Sims    Las Cruces, Nm56.00
191682   Sherman Barnett    El Paso, Tx55.00
2018X24   Xavier Ortega    Las Cruces, Nm54.00
211265   Dustin Smith    Las Cruces, Nm53.00
2210M16   Rick Gallardo    Las Cruces, Nm52.00
231119   Donavon Ooley    El Paso, Tx51.00
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1607   Donavon Flores    Las Cruces, Nm100.00
210151   Brandon Cruse    Las Cruces, Nm95.00
31921Z   Jason Ziehl    Las Cruces, Nm91.00
493H   Noah Hollingshead    Las Cruces, Nm87.00
530   Lloyd Turner    Las Cruces, Nm84.00
6722S   Jack Skillin    Las Cruces, Nm81.00
7544X   George La Rose   Las Cruces, Nm78.00
8121   Mariah Turnbow    Deming , Nm76.00
91544JT   Jaime Torres    Las Cruces, Nm74.00
101400ET   Ed Engel    El Paso, Tx72.00
111120S   Sullivan Scott     , Nm70.00
121802   Rick Skillin    Las Cruces, Nm68.00
131740A   Tamra Pierce    Las Cruces, M66.00
142678   Jay Hart    Las Cruces, Nm64.00DNF
15123LT   Leland Harrison    Las Cruces, Nm62.00DNF
16822   Justin Lasiter    Alamogordo , Nm60.00DNF
1744T   Timberly Swaim    Las Cruces, Nm58.00DNF
181613   Aaron Harrison     , Nm45.00DNS
1913185   Stephen Torres    Las Cruces, Nm45.00DNS
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1512   Dave Deetz    Las Cruces, Nm100.00
287   Scott Logston    Las Cruces, Nm95.00
3382   Sherman Barnett    El Paso, Tx91.00
41040F   Dana Fite    Tucson , Az87.00
5122N   Nita Deetz    Las Cruces, Nm84.00
6724   Rick Ortega    Las Cruces, Nm81.00
795M   Eric Mcnutt     , Nm78.00
8123   Rogelio Perez    Chihuahua , Mx76.00
92911   Cliff Hansen    El Paso, Tx74.00
101172C   Bryan Christie    Hobbs , Nm72.00
11131B   Brent Lape     -70.00
12422   Jonathon Ortega    Las Cruces, Nm68.00
13657   Billy Roy Harris    Deming , Nm66.00
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1937   Joshua Jackson     , Nm100.00
287   Luis Esquivel    El Paso, Tx95.00
36237   Steven Arellano    Las Cruces, Nm91.00
44902   Mike Zuloaga    El Paso, Tx87.00
5772   Robert Shepperd    Carrizozo , Nm84.00
657G   Gene Mcgarey    El Paso, Tx81.00
7158L   David Lackey    Las Cruces, Nm78.00
8338   Charles Lackey    Las Cruces, Nm76.00
9266   Wilbur Wells    El Paso, Tx74.00
101027   Juan Esquvel    El Paso, Tx72.00
111237A   Alex Esquivel    El , Tx70.00
121114   Tristin Gattis    El Paso, Tx68.00
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