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Jackson Speedway (MN)
Jackson, MN
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Result For August 16, 2014 
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Sport Compacts - Feature
1433   Megan Lappegard    Estherville , Ia37.00
2322X   Joe Bunkofske    Armstrong , Ia36.00
3515B   Ben Wilhelmi    Redwood Falls, Mn35.00
463G   Tori Groebner    Redwood Falls, Mn34.00
5257   Scott Espey    Alpha , Mn33.00DNF
673E   Ed Connell    Blue Earth, Mn32.00DNF
713DD   Deedee Bolte    Jackson , Mn31.00DNS
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Hobby Stocks - Feature
1845   Drew Barglof    Sioux Rapids, Ia40.00
21020N   Justin Nehring    Storm Lake, Ia39.00
3127W   Jeremy Wagner    Graettinger , Ia38.00
4975C   Cory Probst    Worthington , Mn37.00
51414   Ernie Dailey    Worthington , Mn36.00
6652S   Kyle Schley    Alpha , Mn35.00
7333C   Corey Schreiber    Jackson , Mn34.00
8717X   Justin Luinenburg    Reading , Mn33.00
91148J   Bryant Johnson    Graettiingger , Ia32.00
101820J   Darin Johnsen    Dickens , Ia31.00
112115H   Nate Harris    Graettinger , Ia30.00
12568M   Ryan Michelson    Estherville , Ia29.00
1313717   Nick Schilling    Sanborn , Ia28.00
14256C   Dj Clinton    Estherville , Ia27.00
152074T   Chad Taylor    Fairmont , Mn26.00
161611S   Alan Stammer    Jackson , Mn25.00
171718A   Brandon Murphy     -24.00DNF
181976   Ben Peterson    Northrup , Mn23.00DNF
19126   Tyler Pospisil    Worthington , Mn22.00DNF
201584   Josh Peters    Dickens , Ia21.00DNF
21427J   Marc Janssen    Worthington , Mn20.00DNF
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Sport Mods - Feature
1225   Dan Paplow    Dundee , Mn40.00
2121   Greg Sidles    Emmetsburg , Ia39.00
3187   John Briggs    Cherokee , Ia38.00
453   Dustin Wiederhoelt    Fairmont , Mn37.00
51111M   Dan Milbrandt    Bellview , Mn36.00
6803Z   Jason Andrews    Estherville , Ia35.00
748L   Lyle Sathoff    Armstrong , Ia34.00
873W   Randy Winter    Winnebago , Mn33.00
9960   Nick Dieter    Brewster , Mn32.00
101020   Justin Schuder    Fairmont , Mn31.00
11675   Eric Kinnetz    Milford , Ia30.00
121810   Nick Ober    Round Lake, Mn29.00
131423   Lance Fredericksen    Wallingford , Ia28.00
141607B   Corey Bosma    Early , Ia27.00
151914BX   Danny Myrvold    Heron Lake, Mn26.00
161511G   John Gladitsch    Vesta , Mn25.00DNF
1737N   Nathan Chukuske    Sherburn , Mn24.00DNF
18177C   Ben Chukuske    Sherburn , Mn23.00DNF
191348T   Troy Rink    Estherville , Ia22.00DNF
202014B   Tom Brown    Heron Lake, Mn0.00DNS
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Stock Cars - Feature
1122M   Jason Mickelson    Storm Lake, Ia40.00
235   Luke Sathoff    Jackson , Mn39.00
3711   Jake Masters    Graettinger , Ia38.00
466L   Jim Larson    Rushmore , Mn37.00
5531   Trent Schroeder    Worthington , Mn36.00
687   Kevin Debaere    Tracy , Mn35.00
71263   Donnie Planting    Estherville , Ia34.00
82X   Chris Palsrok    Sibley , Ia33.00
91538   Derek Voehl    Lakefield , Mn32.00
101022X   Devin Kuehne    Reading , Mn31.00
1113M7   Josh Mahler    Paulina , Ia30.00DNF
1297L   Jeff Larson    Lakefield , Mn29.00DNF
13410   Levi Feltman    Jackson , Mn28.00DNF
141111K   Scott Knudson    Elkton , Sd27.00DNF
151491B   Tom Brown    Heron Lake, Mn26.00DNS
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A-Mods - Feature
173   Jason Briese    Cleghorn , Ia40.00
21X   Josh Rogolzke    Sanborn , Mn39.00
395   Brandon Beckendorf    Danube , Mn38.00
451A   Dwain Hanson    Lakefield , Mn37.00
5115L   Dustin Larson    Worthington , Mn36.00
61321J   Greg Jacobsen    Sherburn , Mn35.00
7127MX   Mike Vogelmen    Okabena , Mn34.00
829   Roger Nielsen    Dolliver , Ia33.00DNF
91017S   James Slawson    Milford , Ia32.00DNF
1047M   Kurt Moeding    Mason City, Ia31.00DNF
118XXX   Jesse Rogotzke    Sanborn , Mn30.00DNF
1267L   Jeff Larson    Lakefield , Mn29.00DNF
131425X   Ricky Stephan    South Sioux, Ne28.00DNF
1433A   Ken Odegaard    Welcome , Mn27.00DNF
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Outlaw Sprints - Feature
1493   Derrik Lusk    Jackson , Mn50.00
2135   Skylar Prochaska    Lakefield , Mn45.00
3309   Matt Juhl    Estherville , Ia41.00
4275C   Casey Heser    Jackson , Mn38.00
561A   Bruce Anderson    Trimont , Mn36.00
695M   Troy Manteufel    St. Peter, Mn35.00
7818   Nate Laugen    Lake Mills, Ia34.00
8533   Trevor Smith    Sheldon , Ia33.00
9732   Greg Valentine Racing   Spirit Lake, Ia32.00
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