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Sunday January 25, 2015
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Huset's Speedway
Brandon, SD
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Result For September 07, 2014 
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Outlaw Sprint Cars - A Main
1117A   Austin Mccarl    Altoona , Ia40.00
2313   Mark Dobmeier    Grand Forks, Nd39.00
3225   Dylan Peterson    Sioux Falls, Sd38.00
487   Craig Dollansky    Princeton , Mn37.00
5518   Ian Madsen    Grimes , Ia36.00
6414   Jody Rosenboom    Rock Rapids, Ia35.00
7106   Terry Mccarl    Altoona , Ia34.00
8721V   Justin Henderson    Tea , Sd33.00
9982   Dusty Zomer    Sioux Falls, Sd32.00
10617   Ryan Bickett    Ramona , Sd31.00
1115101   Chuck Mcgillivray    Madison , Sd30.00
12112D   Dusty Ballenger    Harrisburg , Sd29.00
131351   Andy Anderson     -28.00
14124X   Eric Schulz    Sioux Falls, Sd27.00DNF
151409   Matt Juhl    Estherville , Ia26.00DNF
16161   Justin Glaser    Sioux Falls, Sd25.00DNF
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Micro Sprints - A Main
1212   Colin Smith    Emmetsburg , Ia40.00
2678   Greg Gunderson    Sioux Falls, Sd39.00
3912B   Bill Boles    Harris , Ia38.00
451   Brandon Buysse    Randall , Mn37.00
587   Shane Fick    Luverne , Mn36.00
6351A   Elliot Amdahl    Flandreau , Sd35.00
7753   Trey Thesenvitz    Jasper , Mn34.00
81138   Randy Wulf    Chester , Sd33.00
9148   Russ Husman    Fremont , Ca32.00
101249X   Tyler Martin    Brandon , Sd31.00
11104X   Taylor Evans    Pipestone , Mn30.00
121424   Brooke Wegener    Sioux Falls, Sd29.00
13138   Jacob Hughes    Hartford , Sd28.00
141515N   Nick Kirkegaard    Sioux Falls, Sd27.00
151718   Kayla Stoops    Omaha , Ne26.00
161849   Tom Zweep    Garretson , Sd25.00
17497B   Chris Breen    Sioux Falls, Sd24.00DNF
181614L   Laura Dj Ebbesen    Hurley , Sd23.00DNF
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Street Stock - A Main
1387   Jesse Akkerman    Luverne , Mn40.00
2522   Gary Brown, Jr.   Brandon , Sd39.00
3271   Shaun Taylor    Sioux Falls, Sd38.00
4611K   Darrin Korthals    Rock Rapids, Ia37.00
5456   Zach Vanvoorst    Canton , Sd36.00
6164   Cory Yeigh    Sioux Falls, Sd35.00
7857   Kevin Larson    Tea , Sd34.00
8755X   Rod Barse    Waubay , Sd33.00
91098JR   Matt Jensen    Humboldt , Sd32.00
10982   Howard Baartman    Sioux Falls, Sd0.00DNS
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USRA B-Modifieds - A Main
155X   Colter Deutsch    Ellsworth , Mn40.00
2206W   Ryan Walker    Kanaranzi , Mn39.00
335   Jared Nytroe    Brandon , Sd38.00
4400   Dave Kennedy    Sioux Falls, Sd37.00
5621   Mike Powell    Canton , Sd36.00
6170   Nick Van Belle   Luverne , Mn35.00
7735   Rodny Cook    Elkton , Sd34.00DNF
8822   Justin Voeltz    Hartford , Sd0.00DNS
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Hobby Stock - A Main
186   Dustin Gulbrandson    Sioux Falls, Sd40.00
2417J   Jason Bradley    Sioux Falls, Sd39.00
3282   Matt Grisham    Sioux Falls, Sd38.00
434   Jim Baartman    Colton , Sd37.00
55Y4   David Beman    Sioux Falls, Sd36.00
614D   Cory Kelderman    Hills , Mn35.00
7771   Zach Olivier    Sioux Falls, Sd34.00
81014S   Shane Mueller    Garretson , Sd33.00
91355X   Brian Tronson    Sioux Falls, Sd32.00
10123   Brian Campbell    Sioux Falls, Sd31.00
11644   Chad Kuhnert    Valley Springs, Sd30.00DNF
121415   Thomas Kracht    Steen , Mn29.00DNF
131150   Dylan Decker    Sioux Falls, Sd28.00DNF
149L82   Logan Fitzpatrick    Sioux Falls, Sd27.00DNF
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