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Friday July 29, 2016
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Merrittville Speedway
St.Catharines, ON
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Result For July 23, 2016 
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358 Modified - LOWRS Feature
1928Z   Gary Lindberg    Ridgeway , On60.00
21262   Erick Rudolph    Ransomvile , Ny56.00
3308   Mark D'ilario    Smithville , On52.00
4842   Pete Bicknell    St. Catharines, On50.00
5496   Fred Carleton    Niagara On, On48.00
6143RS   Chris Steele    St. Catharines, On46.00
7103   Chad Brachmann    Sanborn , Ny44.00
81119C   Ryan Susice    Ransomville , Ny42.00
958   Wayne Conn    St. Catharines, On40.00
101737S   Tommy Flannigan    St. Catharines, On38.00
11771   Mike Bowman    St. Catharines, On36.00
121515J   Tim Jones    Port Robinson, On34.00
131328   Todd Gordon    Ridgeville , On32.00
141688   Shayne Pierce    Welland , On0.00
151843   Brian Page    Ridgeway , On0.00
16244V   Phil Vigneri Iii   Elba , Ny0.00
1719108   Bill Bleich    Thorold , On26.00
18138   Scott Wood    Thorold , On25.00
196777   Tyler Mcpherson    St. Catharines, On24.00
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Sportsman - LOWRS Feature
122K   Rob Knapp    Niagara Falls, On60.00
2420   Jay Mallory    St. Catharines, On56.00
3716   Brent Begolo    Thorold , On52.00
415174R   Brad Rouse    St. Catharines, On50.00
5108S   Justin Sharp    St. Catharines, On48.00
61112   Chad Chevalier    Port Colborne, On0.00
769   Paul Gaboury    Welland , On44.00
8127   Cody Mcpherson    St. Catharines, On42.00
9953   Darrell Farraway    Hamilton , On40.00
10311   Joey Mastroianni    Welland , On38.00
112196B   Luke Carleton    Port Colborne, On0.00
12139R   Tom Richau    Cambria , Ny34.00
138119   Chris Watters    Springville , On32.00
1423174   Chris Storm    Thorold , On30.00
151957   Joey Herremans    Ailsa Craig, On28.00
161868   Dave Dipetro    Ransomville , Ny0.00
171662   John Babion    Port Colborne, On26.00
18202COOL   Derek Vanmill    Welland , On0.00
192275   Sean Dominey    St. Catharines, On24.00
20153B   Chris Bellamy    Hamilton , On23.00
211454   Mark Chiddy    Colden , Ny0.00
22519   Charlie Lynch    St. Catharines, On0.00
231700   Jesse Penner    Welland , On20.00
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Open Wheel Lites - LOWRS Feature
1107   Chris Watson    Niagara Falls, On60.00
2917   Josh Sliter    Ridgeway , On56.00
3308   Steven Beckett    Fonthill , On52.00
466   Rob Misener    Welland , On50.00
5239X   Marty Demoel    Welland , On48.00
644   Tyler Winger    Fort Erie, On46.00
7526R   Rj Pietz    Port Colborne, On44.00
81327   Ray Sliter Jr   Ridgeway , On42.00
9146S   Ryleigh Sliter    Port Colborne, On40.00
101141   Evan Leonard    Stoney Creek, On0.00
11761   Derek Wagner    Medina , Ny0.00
1281   Paul Klager    Beamsville , On34.00
131023   Jeffrey May    Mount Hope, On32.00
141291   Shawn Sliter    Port Colborne, On30.00
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Hoosier Stocks - LOWRS Feature
11005   Pete Reid    Stevensville , On60.00
2428   Jim Lampman    Caistor Centre, On56.00
384C   Chris Crawford    Welland , On52.00
42108   Billy Bleich Jr   Port Robinson, On50.00
5532   Mark Fawcett    Canfield , On48.00
6949   Dave Bailey    Hagersville , On46.00
7161J   Jason Fontaine    Port Colborne, On0.00
8347X   Kyle Pelrine    Smithville , On42.00
9133   Jack Myers    Wainfleet , On40.00
101196   Steve Shaw    Merlin , On38.00
11750   Chris Schneider    Port Colborne, On36.00
1215411   Nick Dennis    Grimsby , On0.00
13672   Tanner Podwinski    Vineland , On0.00
141219J   James Marr    Welland , On0.00
151756B   Brad Sheehan    St. Catharines, On0.00
161410   Dave Small    Port Colborne, On0.00
171368   Robin Mortensen    Mt. Hope, On0.00DNS
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4 Cylinders - LOWRS Feature
110114   Kyle Rothwell    Welland , On60.00
21396   Tyler Lafantaisie    Welland , On56.00
3310   Jay Moulton    St. Catharines, On52.00
41412   Tony Kelly    Niagara Falls, On50.00
5422JR   Kyle Miller    St. Catharines, On48.00
6913   Vincent Pagnotta    St. Catharines, On46.00
71138S   Sam Iftody    Fenwick , On44.00
8222X   Tom Neale    St. Catharines, On42.00
927C   Cole Hardy    Welland , On40.00
101711T   Go Fast Teeple    Thorold , On38.00
112197   Dave Silverthorne Jr.   London , On0.00
12629   Jeremy Smith    Caistor Centre, On34.00
131271   Garnet Wilson    Canfield , On32.00
14717   Alex Riley    Thorold , On30.00
151949   Gary Hodason    London , On28.00
1653K   Kourtney Kocarik    Fonthill , On27.00
171871W   Austyn Werstroh    Notl , On26.00
18119   Trevor Want    Niagara Falls, On25.00
19154   Jason Coutu    St. Catharines, On24.00
202361   Chris Laskey    Welland , On0.00
21816   Mike Sadusek    Niagara Falls, On22.00
221643C   Clinton Nicholls    Hamilton , On0.00DNS
232013G   Gregg Lounsbury    St. Catharines, On20.00
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