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Wednesday May 27, 2015
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I-35 Speedway (MO)
Winston, MO
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Result For May 23, 2015 
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A Mods - Heat 3
1392   Tyler Grooms    Trenton , Mo0.00
2178   Derrick Hicks    Ravenwood , Mo0.00
3244   Jared Rogers    Tecumsch , Ks0.00
4569    Zach Sanders    Kearney , Mo0.00
5438   Anthony Logston    Hamilton , Mo0.00
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Stock Cars - Heat 2
1388   Jeff Dixon    Jamesport , Mo0.00
2218   Richard Moulton    Altamont , Mo0.00
3421H   Billie Hoover    Stewartsville , Mo0.00
45XX20   Gene Stigall    Winston , Mo0.00
518   Nathan Carder    Gallatin , Mo0.00
66105   Clint Hedge    Bonner , Ks0.00
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B Mods - Heat 3
1111P   Jeremy Price    Blue Springs, Mo0.00
23181   Luke Nieman    Nortonville , Ks0.00
3496C   Jim Cameron    Cameron , Mo0.00
4817T   Shadren Turner    St. Joseph, Mo0.00
5618K   Danan Knott    Coffey , Mo0.00
6722B   Mitch Booher    Bethany , Mo0.00
7524W   Tony Manley    Osborn , Mo0.00
8211S   Steve Starmer    New Hampton, Mo0.00
9981   Chuck Atkins     -0.00
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Grand Nationals - A Feature
1397   Houston Johnson    Kansas City, Mo100.00
2126   Donnie Brown    Lancaster , Ks95.00
3298   Austin Johnson    Kansas City, Mo91.00
4454   Buz Kaster    Kansas City, Ks87.00
557   Bud Wilson    Trenton , Mo84.00
669P   Marty Powell    Kansas City, Mo81.00
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E-Mod - A Feature
1436J   John Brown    Lancaster , Ks100.00
2102XA   Jeremiah Asher    St. Joseph, Mo95.00
3377   Kit Bailey    Smithville , Mo91.00
4520X   Jon Boller Iii   St. Joseph, Mo87.00
5714   Austin Bouzek    Trenton , Mo84.00
61281   Jacob Blair    Kansas City, Mo81.00
7251   Dustin Lawrence    Rushville , Mo78.00
88319   Daniel Harris    Excelsior Springs, Mo76.00
915J90   Jorden Dawson    St. Joseph, Mo74.00
101027   Lee Kenney    Kansas City, Mo72.00
111603K   Kaelynn Peterman    Liberty , Mo70.00
12131H   Ryan Henning    Atchison , Ks68.00DNF
131105   Derek Carney    Lathrop , Mo66.00DNF
14689K   Colby Kearney    Lancaster , Ks64.00DNF
151431B   Robert Fisk    Lathrop , Mo45.00DNS
16926J   Randy Smith Jr.   Hamilton , Mo60.00DQ
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Hobby Stocks - A Feature
1434   Mich Ross    Maysville , Mo100.00
2220C   Chris Onstot    St. Charles, Ia95.00
331/2   John Willard    St. Joseph, Mo91.00
41023G   Greg Gilbert    Osceola , Ia87.00
550X   Tyler Clark    Osceola , Ia84.00
6647X   Connor Masoner    St. Joseph, Mo81.00
7147C   John Chip    Osceola , Ia78.00
8899   Jim Masoner    St Joseph, Mo76.00
9743   Kevin Koontz    Memphis , Mo74.00
101213X   Carson Masoner    St. Joseph, Mo72.00
11922H   Tim Hoselton    Galt , Mo70.00
12111/2S   Steven Bunton    St. Joseph, Mo45.00DNS
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