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Thursday September 21, 2017
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Greenbush Race Park
Greenbush, MN
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Result For September 03, 2016 
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Outlaw Mini Mods - Feature
1569   Kelly Steele    International Falls, Mn0.00
2269B   Clayton Bahr    Internation Falls, Mn0.00
334AL   Dane Olson    International Falls, Mn0.00
461D   John Dulmage    Ramsey , Mn0.00DNF
5729   Cole Isensee    Bemidji , Mn0.00DNF
6481   Jerry Larson    Grand Rapids, Mn0.00DNF
7123   Allen Foster    Bemidji , Mn0.00DNF
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Lightning Sprints - Feature
154   Eric Johnson    Grand Forks, Nd35.00
2318   Ryan Davis    Theif River, Mn33.00
3793   Kelsi Pederson    East Grand, Mn32.00
4116   Kyle Cole    Warroad , Mn31.00
5618D   Charles Davis    Grygla , Mn30.00
6219   Brad Borowicz    Thief River, Mn29.00
7811M   Brendan Mullen    Grand Forks, Nd28.00
842   Corey Olson    Badger , Mn27.00DNF
997   Dan Wiskow    Roseau , Mn0.00DNS
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Pure Stocks - Feature
1169X   Stan Olson    Thief River, Mn35.00
2107   Cory Peterson    Red Lake, Mn33.00
385C   Dusty Caspers    Bagley , Mn32.00
4120   Chad Hagen    Thief River, Mn31.00
5633   Ryan Hagen     Thief, Mn30.00
61321J   Joel Olson    Karlstad , Mn29.00
7511X   Jared Palm    Warroad , Mn28.00
8765   Jerome Berger    Badger , Mn27.00DNF
9333A   Austin Overwater    Winnipeg , Mb26.00DNF
10487   Alan Lane    Williams , Mn25.00DNF
111142   Jace Gust    Strathcona , Mn24.00DNF
12250   Ethan Larson    Holt , Mn0.00DQ
13986   Thomas Ahrndt    Hawley , Mn0.00DQ
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Midwest Modifieds - Feature
1347W   Jordan Wahl    Greenbush , Mn35.00
2164   Shane Wahl    Greenbush , Mn33.00
3488W   Cody Wall    Plum Coulee, Mb32.00
45169   Justin Olson    Thief River, Mn31.00
565BA   Aaron Blacklance    Thief River, Mn30.00
6200   Steve Hougard    Strandquist , Mn29.00
710188   Hunter Hougard    Karlstad , Mn28.00
8840   Patrick Sobolik    Hallock , Mn27.00
91135   John Halverson    Warren , Mn26.00
10955K   Murray Kozie    Headingley , Mb25.00
11774N   Gary Nelson    Blackduck , Mn24.00
121287M   Dave Meyer    Thief River, Mn23.00
131514C   Cody Ossachuk    Pinewood , Ont22.00
141728HH   Dale Hamness    Strathcona , Mn21.00
15131.8   Kurt Smith    Greenbush , Mn20.00
161826   Chelsey Hamness    Strathcona , Mn19.00
171699E   Ed Lehrke    Hallock , Mn18.00
182047   Erich Frey    Lorette , Mb17.00
191454   David Hultstrand     , Nd16.00
20197F   Bryton Foss    Greenbush , Mn15.00DNF
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Street Stocks - Feature
1525   Ryan Johnson    Karlstad , Mn35.00
2839   Shawn Teunis    West St., Mb33.00
362L   Art Linert    Badger , Mn32.00
4470   Jesse Teunis    West St., Mb31.00
5748   Chase Boen    Karlstad , Mn30.00
63M80   Andrew Maxwell    West St., Mb29.00
7925W   Brad Wall    Winkler , Mb28.00
81017   Mike Olson    Lancaster , Mn27.00
9110   Mike Rehm    Middle River, Mn26.00
10296   Jeremy Gust    Strathcona , Mn25.00DNF
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Modifieds - Feature
151R   Rick Delaine    Stoney Mountain, Mb35.00
2710W   Ward Imrie    Winnipeg , Mb33.00
3395   Mark Esala    Thief River, Mn32.00
464V   Billy Vogel    West Fargo, Nd31.00
5899   Brody Strachan    Emo , Mb30.00
61424W   James Wall    Winkler , Mb29.00
71681   Jordan Duray    Halma , Mn28.00
81874   Dustin Wahl    Greenbush , Mn27.00
91257   Mike Tiani    Middle River, Mn26.00
101175   Jamen Foss    Greenbush , Mn25.00
111564   Shane Wahl    Greenbush , Mn24.00
1298T   Douglas Vanmill    Bagley , Mn23.00
131347   Ken Geske    Theif River, Mn22.00
141721J   Joe Chaplinski    Middle River, Mn21.00
15103S   Nathan Sletto    Brandon , Mn20.00
16155   Bryan Dyrdahl    Bagley , Mn19.00DNF
1742   Aaron Holtan    Newfolden , Mn18.00DNF
18225T   Jamie Trautner    Felton , Mn17.00DNF
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Sprints - Feature
112A   Austin Pierce    Grand Forks, Nd70.00
268   Casey Mack    East Grand, Nd66.00
336   Zach Wilde    Thief River, Mn64.00
499N   Wade Nygaard    Grand Forks, Nd62.00
5820A   Jordan Adams    Reynolds , Nd60.00
6499   Jordan Graham    Grand Forks, Nd58.00
71426   Blake Egeland    Climax , Mn56.00
81935   Brenden Wilde    Theif River, Mn54.00
92091M   Jackson Moffett    Fargo , Nd52.00
10282   Dusty Zomer    Sioux Falls, Sd50.00
11514   Tom Egeland    Climax , Mn48.00
12170   Nick Omdahl     , Mn46.00
13151AJ   Trevor Mell    Harwood , Nd44.00
141312P   Brayden Pengilly    Landgon , Nd42.00
151624   Jon Sorenson    East Grand, Mn40.00
161231   Shane Roemeling    Grand Forks, Nd38.00DNF
171110TRB   Bob Martin    East Grand, Mn36.00DNF
182125   Cale Mack    East Grand, Mn34.00DNF
191051   Alex Larson    East Grand, Mn32.00DNF
20188B   Jack Croaker    East Grand, Mn30.00DNF
2178H   Jade Hastings    Grand Forks, Nd28.00DNF
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4 Cylinders - Feature
1228   John Current    Bemidji , Mn35.00
2591   Scott Perdonic    Winnipeg , Mb33.00
3410   Tom Morriseau    Richer , Mb32.00
4915   Mike Demchuk    Dufresne , Mb31.00
5317   Jim Mulholland    Winnipeg , Mb30.00
61K80   Katie Ahrndt    Hawley , Mn29.00
7621   Joel Olson    Karlstad , Mn28.00
8713   Sam Wenham    Winnipeg , Mb27.00
9827F   Bill Foster    Bemidji , Mn0.00DNS
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