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Lucas Oil Speedway
Wheatland, MO
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Result For April 12, 2014 
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USRA A-Modifieds - A-Feature
13186   Jeremy Payne    Springfield , Mo100.00
212J   Jason Russell    Henley , Mo95.00
388S   Jon Sheets    Nevada , Mo91.00
4648S   Travis Smith    Parsons , Ks87.00
599   Ken Schrader    Concord , Nc84.00
6298   Jeff Cutshaw    Cross Timbers, Mo81.00
7721S   Tim Setzer    Archie , Mo78.00
81738C   Jason Pursley    Hermitage , Mo76.00
9573M   Mickey Burrell    Fair Grove, Mo74.00
10414W   Dustin Walker    Belton , Mo72.00
111321   Lance Town    Louisburg , Ks70.00
122044   Rustin Miller    Houston , Mo68.00
1318112M   Justin Moon    Sedalia , Mo66.00
142110B   Brandon Givens    Hutchinson , Ks64.00
15225K   Terry Kirk    Urbana , Mo62.00
161923   Lucas Dobbs    El Dorado, Mo60.00
1710227   Chase Domer    Nevada , Mo58.00
182412M   Christopher Moon    Sedalia , Mo56.00
192312V   Nathan Vaughn    Lincoln , Mo55.00
201253   Ronnie Woods    Mexico , Mo54.00
211503J   Chase Jones    Eldorado Springs, Mo53.00
221199   Dylan Hoover    Mexico , Mo52.00
231615R   Jamie Ragland    Lebanon , Mo51.00DNF
241490   Terry Schultz    Sedalia , Mo50.00DNF

USRA A-Modifieds - B-Feature
1138C   Jason Pursley    Hermitage , Mo0.00
24112M   Justin Moon    Sedalia , Mo0.00
3523   Lucas Dobbs    El Dorado, Mo0.00
4744   Rustin Miller    Houston , Mo0.00
5210B   Brandon Givens    Hutchinson , Ks0.00
685K   Terry Kirk    Urbana , Mo0.00
7312V   Nathan Vaughn    Lincoln , Mo0.00
81112M   Christopher Moon    Sedalia , Mo0.00
9685S   Tyler Shaw    Mexico , Mo45.00
10125   Thomas Diers    Rogersville , Mo45.00
11945B   Robbie Bryant    Willard , Mo45.00DNS
121087   Kenny Pike    Nevada , Mo45.00DNS
131327RT   Robbie Test    Jefferson City, Mo45.00DQ

USRA A-Modifieds - Heat 4
13186   Jeremy Payne    Springfield , Mo0.00
2798   Jeff Cutshaw    Cross Timbers, Mo0.00
359   Ken Schrader    Concord , Nc0.00
4690   Terry Schultz    Sedalia , Mo0.00
54112M   Justin Moon    Sedalia , Mo0.00
6144   Rustin Miller    Houston , Mo0.00
7212M   Christopher Moon    Sedalia , Mo0.00DNF

USRA A-Modifieds - Heat 3
142J   Jason Russell    Henley , Mo0.00
228S   Jon Sheets    Nevada , Mo0.00
3121   Lance Town    Louisburg , Ks0.00
4315R   Jamie Ragland    Lebanon , Mo0.00
5612V   Nathan Vaughn    Lincoln , Mo0.00
6527RT   Robbie Test    Jefferson City, Mo0.00DQ
7787   Kenny Pike    Nevada , Mo0.00DNF

USRA A-Modifieds - Heat 2
1273M   Mickey Burrell    Fair Grove, Mo0.00
2521S   Tim Setzer    Archie , Mo0.00
3153   Ronnie Woods    Mexico , Mo0.00
47227   Chase Domer    Nevada , Mo0.00
5610B   Brandon Givens    Hutchinson , Ks0.00
6385S   Tyler Shaw    Mexico , Mo0.00
7445B   Robbie Bryant    Willard , Mo0.00DNS

USRA A-Modifieds - Heat 1
1214W   Dustin Walker    Belton , Mo0.00
2548S   Travis Smith    Parsons , Ks0.00
3199   Dylan Hoover    Mexico , Mo0.00
4303J   Chase Jones    Eldorado Springs, Mo0.00
5638C   Jason Pursley    Hermitage , Mo0.00
6423   Lucas Dobbs    El Dorado, Mo0.00
775K   Terry Kirk    Urbana , Mo0.00
885   Thomas Diers    Rogersville , Mo0.00DNS


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