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Sunday June 25, 2017
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Merrittville Speedway
St.Catharines, ON
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Result For May 13, 2017 
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Triple Crown 4 Cylinders - CHAMP
1412   Tony Kelly    Niagara Falls, On100.00
21017   Alex Riley    Thorold , On95.00
3291   Olivier Larocque    Port Colborne, On90.00
4167   Tyler Lafantaisie    Welland , On85.00
5114S   Rob Sauder    Port Colborne, On80.00
6316   Mike Sadusek    Niagara Falls, On76.00
714CH   Jeff Hill    Welland , On72.00
887C   Cole Hardy    Welland , On68.00
91229   Jeremy Smith    Caistor Centre, On65.00
1064   Jason Coutu    St. Catharines, On62.00
112371W   Austyn Werstroh    Notl , On60.00
121543C   Clinton Nicholls    Hamilton , On58.00
131413   Vincent Pagnotta    St. Catharines, On56.00
147114   Kyle Rothwell    Welland , On54.00
151749   Gary Hodason    London , On52.00
162017X   Sam Iftody    Fenwick , On50.00
172210   Jay Moulton    St. Catharines, On48.00
18511T   Go Fast Teeple    Thorold , On46.00
19215K   Kenny Hair     -45.00
201319   Trevor Want    Niagara Falls, On44.00
21193K   Kourtney Kocarik    Fonthill , On43.00
22182X   Tom Neale    St. Catharines, On42.00
23913M   Dan Mckay    Thorold , On41.00

Triple Crown 4 Cylinders - Consi
113K   Kourtney Kocarik    Fonthill , On0.00
2217X   Sam Iftody    Fenwick , On0.00
335K   Kenny Hair     -0.00
4410   Jay Moulton    St. Catharines, On0.00
5571W   Austyn Werstroh    Notl , On0.00

Triple Crown 4 Cylinders - Heat 3
114CH   Jeff Hill    Welland , On3.00
244   Jason Coutu    St. Catharines, On2.00
37114   Kyle Rothwell    Welland , On1.00
4591   Olivier Larocque    Port Colborne, On0.00
5643C   Clinton Nicholls    Hamilton , On0.00
622X   Tom Neale    St. Catharines, On0.00
735K   Kenny Hair     -0.00

Triple Crown 4 Cylinders - Heat 2
1213M   Dan Mckay    Thorold , On3.00
2116   Mike Sadusek    Niagara Falls, On2.00
3329   Jeremy Smith    Caistor Centre, On1.00
457C   Cole Hardy    Welland , On0.00
5713   Vincent Pagnotta    St. Catharines, On0.00
6449   Gary Hodason    London , On0.00
7817X   Sam Iftody    Fenwick , On0.00
8671W   Austyn Werstroh    Notl , On0.00

Triple Crown 4 Cylinders - Heat 1
1312   Tony Kelly    Niagara Falls, On3.00
2111T   Go Fast Teeple    Thorold , On2.00
3617   Alex Riley    Thorold , On1.00
484S   Rob Sauder    Port Colborne, On0.00
5219   Trevor Want    Niagara Falls, On0.00
657   Tyler Lafantaisie    Welland , On0.00
773K   Kourtney Kocarik    Fonthill , On0.00
8410   Jay Moulton    St. Catharines, On0.00


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