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Saturday October 21, 2017
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Merrittville Speedway
St.Catharines, ON
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Result For August 09, 2017 
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Sportsman - Bobcat of Hamilton Feature
1220   Jay Mallory    St. Catharines, On60.00
2372   James Friesen    St. Catharines, On56.00
317F   Matt Farnham    Tonawanda , Ny52.00
41418R   Brad Rouse    St. Catharines, On50.00
548S   Justin Sharp    St. Catharines, On48.00
6696B   Luke Carleton    Port Colborne, On46.00
7509   Trevor Wright    Smithville , On44.00
882K   Rob Knapp    Niagara Falls, On42.00
997   Cody Mcpherson    St. Catharines, On40.00
101116   Brent Begolo    Thorold , On38.00
1116174   Chris Storm    Thorold , On36.00
121219   Charlie Lynch    St. Catharines, On34.00
131715   Adam Leslie    Port Colborne, On32.00
14151   Robert Goulding    Port Colborne, On30.00
151088   Chris Bellamy    Hamilton , On28.00
161368   Dave Dipietro    Ransomville , Ny27.00
17189R   Tom Richau    Cambria , Ny26.00
182019A   Dean Scott    Beachville , On25.00
19733J   Robbie Johnston    Lockport , Ny24.00
201975   Sean Dominey    St. Catharines, On23.00

Sportsman - Consi
1168   Dave Dipietro    Ransomville , Ny0.00
2218R   Brad Rouse    St. Catharines, On0.00
331   Robert Goulding    Port Colborne, On0.00
44174   Chris Storm    Thorold , On0.00
5515   Adam Leslie    Port Colborne, On0.00
669R   Tom Richau    Cambria , Ny0.00
7775   Sean Dominey    St. Catharines, On0.00
8819A   Dean Scott    Beachville , On0.00

Sportsman - Heat 3
117F   Matt Farnham    Tonawanda , Ny0.00
2209   Trevor Wright    Smithville , On0.00
3588   Chris Bellamy    Hamilton , On0.00
4620   Jay Mallory    St. Catharines, On0.00
541   Robert Goulding    Port Colborne, On0.00
639R   Tom Richau    Cambria , Ny0.00

Sportsman - Heat 2
1196B   Luke Carleton    Port Colborne, On0.00
2372   James Friesen    St. Catharines, On0.00
3616   Brent Begolo    Thorold , On0.00
4533J   Robbie Johnston    Lockport , Ny0.00
5718R   Brad Rouse    St. Catharines, On0.00
6415   Adam Leslie    Port Colborne, On0.00
7219A   Dean Scott    Beachville , On0.00

Sportsman - Heat 1
122K   Rob Knapp    Niagara Falls, On0.00
277   Cody Mcpherson    St. Catharines, On0.00
3119   Charlie Lynch    St. Catharines, On0.00
468S   Justin Sharp    St. Catharines, On0.00
5468   Dave Dipietro    Ransomville , Ny0.00
63174   Chris Storm    Thorold , On0.00
7575   Sean Dominey    St. Catharines, On0.00


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